Extended Warranties

Solar CowboyZ Warranty for Refurbished or NEW Inverters

Extended Two-year, Three-year and Five-year warranties


Solar CowboyZ and You Love Solar warrants its refurbished or new old stock SMA inverters to be free from defects in material and workmanship under the following terms:

Warranty Conditions

Limited Warranty for all Solar CowboyZ Refurbished Inverters: The limited liability warranty will last for a period of 3 months from date of sale to the original buyer. Extended two-year, three-year and five-year warranties are available for purchase.  (See end of document for prices).  Obligation under our warranty shall be limited to replacing or repairing at Solar CowboyZ discretion, any such product or part which must be returned to Solar CowboyZ factory with a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA), , and which upon examination, is found to S olar CowboyZ satisfaction to have been defective under the terms of this warranty.  Warranty is only valid when a qualified technician has done all installation and service work.

This warranty does not extend to any products, which have been altered or modified outside the Solar CowboyZ factory, nor does it apply to units that are returned in an unassembled condition. The warranty guarantees that products will perform to Solar CowboyZ full power test specifications throughout the life of the warranty.  The warranty does not cover abnormal wear, such as lightning damage, damage from dirt or water or damage from improper use. If the returned product is found not to be defective under the conditions of this warranty, a charge will be made for repair or replacement.

This is a Limited Warranty.  It covers the product only and the extent of the coverage is limited to the cost of the product. As we have no control over shipping, handling and installation, the warranty cannot cover any damage caused by these factors.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no person is authorized to give any other warranty or assume obligation or liability in Solar CowboyZ behalf.  Solar CowboyZ shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind incurred by the reason of the use or sale of any defective product and part.

If a device is determined to be defective during the Solar CowboyZ factory warranty period, one of the following services, as selected by Solar CowboyZ, will be performed at no charge:

  1. Exchange the defective device with either a new, like-new or refurbished device that is functionally equivalent to the device being replaced; or
  2. Repair the defective device at Solar CowboyZ depot facility; or
  3. Refund the actual cash value, as determined by Solar CowboyZ, of the defective unit.
  4. In the case of an exchange, the remainder of the eligible warranty will be transferred to the replacement device, or 90 days whichever date is longer.


In order to fulfill its obligations under this limited warranty, Solar CowboyZ may require a copy of the purchase receipt, the warranty certificate, installation document, or evidence of the warranty extension.  End-user customers are encouraged to retain such documentation. The model/serial number must be included on the documentation provided in order to determine warranty entitlement.  


Warranty Transferability

The Solar CowboyZ warranty is not assignable / transferable without written notice from Solar CowboyZ. 


Exclusion of Liability

The Solar CowboyZ limited factory warranty does not cover failures or damages that occur due to:

  • transport damage
  • incorrect installation or commissioning
  • failure to observe the user manual, maintenance requirements and intervals
  • modifications, changes or attempted repairs
  • incorrect use or inappropriate operation
  • insufficient ventilation of the device
  • failure to observe the applicable safety regulations,
  • force majeure (e.g. lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire)
  • cosmetic defects which do not directly influence energy production, or degrade form, fit, function


Additional claims due to direct or indirect damage, especially compensation claims for damages due to loss of profits, or revenue, or incurred costs arising from disassembly and mounting, are expressly excluded in the absence of a written contract agreement with Solar CowboyZ.


How to get Warranty Support

Solar CowboyZ products are designed and built for reliability. In the unlikely event of a failure, please contact the Solar CowboyZ Technical Service Line at 1-360-435-8826 where a Solar CowboyZ Technical Support Representative will assist you.

  • Proper fault diagnosis may require a qualified Solar PV service technician to be at the Solar CowboyZ device location and equipped with a quality digital AC/DC voltmeter.
  • The onsite service technician may be asked to take voltage and current measurements and provide error codes from the inverter.
  • Additional information will be required such as:
    • model number
    • serial number
    • job site name
    • original date of installation
    • PV array configuration (brand & model number, count of solar panels)
    • description of the system layout and application.


If the onsite repair technician is unwilling or unable to assist Solar CowboyZ in the fault diagnosis process, the customer may be charged an inspection fee plus shipping costs if no trouble is found when the device is tested by the Solar CowboyZ Service Repair Department. 


Replacement Procedure and Conditions

The customer is responsible for the transportation to and from the Solar CowboyZ repair facilities.


Solar CowboyZ does not provide new or refurbished replacement equipment to distributors or installers who exchange new or refurbished equipment from their stock to customers in the field at their own discretion. 

Customer or their installer is expected to pack the defective equipment in a suitable shipping box, and manually apply the Solar CowboyZ provided return shipping label(s) to the box of the equipment to be returned.  Costs of shipping both to and from Solar CowboyZ are the responsibility of the inverter owner. 

Extended warranty applies as written above.  Must be purchased within the first 30 days of purchase of a Solar CowboyZ Refurbished or NEW Inverter, purchased from Solar CowboyZ/You Love Solar. 

Prices for extended warranty:

Inverters up to 3000 watts in size  

90 days free

5 years $300

3 years $225

2 years $150

Inverter from 3001-8000 watts in size

90 days free

5 years $375

3 years $250

2 years $200



 Prices and warranty information is subject to updates and changes as determined by Solar CowboyZ.