GoodWe GW7600A-MS 7600W Grid-Tied Inverter

GoodWe GW7600A-MS 7600W Grid-Tied Inverter

  • $2,032.00

The A-MS series inverter was conceived to be a solid element of your residential array for the long term. Put your faith and confidence in its quality and extended warranty of 10 years.

The A-MS has been designed to meet the safety regulations of the American market, including Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter and Rapid Shutdown. 

This inverter goes with the trends of the North American residential market and is compatible with bifacial modules. It also has the capacity to take as much as 12.5 A per string. These features ensure that the A-MS can absorb more solar power and make it one of the most productive inverters on the residential market. With a start-up voltage of only 95 V, the A-MS is capable of generating solar power earlier than competitors, remaining productive for a larger portion of your typical day. With 150% DC input oversizing capability, the A-MS allows end-users to significantly expand the solar array and drive increased power output even under low solar radiation.