Older SunnyBoy 2500U


We have created this Inverter Conversion list below (for both Utility GridTie Solar Systems and also RV-Boats and OffGrid battery Inverters and Chargers) to help you simplify your quest to replace your OLD inverter (broken, out of warranty) with a NEW inverter (with a full factory warranty, 2-10 year free warranty from the manufacture. Length of warranty depends on the inverter model/manufacture). Contact us for details.

In order to determine your exact model number of your older inverter, locate the label attached to the inverter and look for the complete model number including all numbers and letters and WRITE IT DOWN because we will need it for all correspondence.  Please also note the serial number for future reference.

View the left hand column of the chart below under “OLD INVERTER”, to find what you already have, then  view to the right  of the chart, to select the “New Inverter” replacement.  You may have other choices that you will need to consider when using this list, such as reconfiguring and updating your system.  This list below is only for replacing like items with like items. In order to confirm compatibility of your OLD Inverter which needs to be replaced by a NEW Inverter, contacts us, and our Solar CowboyZ staff will be happy to assist you.

All of the replacement NEW inverters listed below have service centers located throughout the USA, and many other parts of the world. Should a problem occur with your NEW inverter, we will direct you to an authorized service center near your location.

Solar CowboyZ can test your OLD inverter to determine whether it can be repaired.  Call Solar CowboyZ at (530) 273-4895 for free, over the phone support.

If your Inverter problem cannot be detected over the phone…  


  1. IMPORTANT: First, retain your Return Materials Authorization (RMA) by calling us or emailing us with your Inverter/System details.
  2. Pack your inverter very carefully, ideally, in the original shipping box and call us for shipping instructions.
  3. A service charge of $195 USD is required to test and fix any minor issues within one and a half hours of time. If your OLD Inverter is determined to be unrepairable, then Solar CowboyZ will credit the service charge of $195 USD towards the purchase of a NEW replacement Inverter and your OLD Inverter will be kept as a core for recycle.
  4. Repair parts and shipping in both directions are the responsibility of the customer.  Please allow up to 10 days for servicing your older inverter.


 SMA  Sunny Boy 700  SB700 U   SMA  SB 700U   
 SMA  Sunny Boy 1100  SB1100 U  SMA     
 SMA  Sunny Boy 1800  SB1800 U  SMA    
 SMA  Sunny Boy 2100 SB2100 U   SMA    
 SMA  Sunny Boy 2500 SB2500 U  SMA OR Solis   SMA 3000TL-US OR Solis 3000  SMA 3000TL-US comes with a 10 yr warranty. 
Solis 3000 comes with a 10 year warranty.
 SMA x2 Sunny Boy 2500  SB2500 U  SMA OR Solis SMA  5.0 US-40  SMA 5.0 US-40 comes with a 10 yr warranty.
 SMA Sunny Boy 6000   SB6000U  SMA  SMA 6.0 US-40  SMA 6.0 US-40 comes with a 10 year warranty 


Old Inverter Brand OLD INVERTER Part # New Inverter Brand NEW INVERTER Description
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 1800 W 806-1802   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 2000 W 81-2010-12 Magnum ME2012 Modified sine 2000W, 100A Charger
Trace/Xantrex Remote W 25' Cable 84-2056-01 Magnum ME-RC50 Remote with LCD panel and 50' cable
Trace/Xantrex Prosine 2.0 Sinewave 805-2000 Magnum MS2012 Puresine 2000W, 100A charger
Trace/Xantrex Inverter Pro 1000 W 806-1010 Magnum MMS1012** Puresine 1000W, 50A charger
Trace/Xantrex Inverter Pro 1800 W 806-1810   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Prowatt SW600 Inverter 806-1206   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 Inverter 806-1220   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Prowatt SW1000 Inverter 806-1210   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 400W Xpower 813-0400-01 Magnum MM612 Modified sine 600W inverter only
Trace/Xantrex Inverter1000W Xpower 813-1000-UL Magnum MM1212** Modified sine 1200W, 70A charger
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 1500W Xpower 813-1500-UL Magnum MM1212** Modified sine 1200W, 70A charge
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 3000W XPWR 813-3000-UL   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 5000w XPWR 813-5000-UL   CALL  
Trace/Xantrex SW2000 815-2000 Magnum MS2012 Pure sine 2000W, 100A charger
Trace/Xantrex SW3000 815-3000 Magnum MS2812 Pure sine 2800W, 125A charger
Trace/Xantrex Inverter RV2012GS RV2012GS Magnum ME2012 Modified sine 3100W, 100A charger
Trace/Xantrex Inverter 3012GS RV3012GS Magnum ME3112 Modified sine 3100W, 160A charger
Trace/Xantrex SW2500   Magnum MS2812 12 volt Inverter/Charger
Trace/Xantrex SW 4000   Magnum MS 4024 PAE or Magnum MS4024 24 volt Inverter/Charger
Trace/Xantrex SW 5500   SMA or Magnum Sunny Island 6048U or MS 4448 PAE 48 volt Inverter/Charger