SMA 5000-TL-US-22 labeled for SunPower (Wholesale)

SMA 5000-TL-US-22 labeled for SunPower (Wholesale)

  • $2,395.00

This is labeled for SunPower.  DC Disconnect not included.

The World’s Standard for Solar: High performance and high reliability inverters for use with SunPower photovoltaic panels - the most efficient and reliable panels on earth.

High Efficiency: Transformerless inverter technology enables maximum inverter efficiency of up to 97.1% and CEC efficiency of up to 96.5%.

Design Flexibility and Yield Maximization: Two maximum power point trackers expand deployment options and maximize energy harvest when irradiance varies across the array.

Guaranteed Performance: Reliable and robust design has a proven record for durability and longevity.