SUNNY BOY 2500U (refurbished)

SUNNY BOY 2500U (refurbished)

  • $1,395.00

Please call for availability. Subject to backorder.

Fully Refurbished Sunny Boy Inverters.  Simply replace your broken unit with an exact model.

Included in the cost is a $200 core fee.  We charge this upfront. When you return your core, you will receive back your core fee.  

These units are fully refurbished by former SMA Technicians.

You Love Solar specializes in refurbishing out-of-warranty inverters 

You Love Solars’ inverter repair department began operation in 2013, using original in-house service technicians, trained for many years at the original manufactures facilities.  These technicians have made a career of professionally repairing and upgrading the power electronics inside these inverters, in most cases, “to better than” original factory specifications.

Sunny Boy 2500U Spec Sheet 


2500U supplies limited. Order while you can!



  • 90 day limited warranty