SMA SUNNY BOY 3000US Inverter

SUNNY BOY 3000US refurbished

  • $1,695.00

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Why these inverters are a great value:
  • These are refurbished products 
  • USA Manufacturing, German engineering and superior design. 
  • Sunny Boy Inverters are the most popular solar inverter in the world for over two decades.
  • Exceptional real world efficiencies make Sunny Boy the top choice for solar designers and installers.
  • These inverters are among the most reliable design SMA has ever built.
  • Several communication options are available.
  • The purchase price cannot be beat!
  • May have a SunPower label

This inverter can be used for standard solar panels as well as for SunPower solar panels that need to be positively grounded.

SUNNY BOY DC Disconnect sold seperate (may not be necessary if replacing an older Sunny Boy inverter.  The old existing DC disconnect MAY BE USED)

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Tech Tip Video: Troubleshooting a Ground Fault